Ramadan Greetings

Ramadan 2018

Happy Ramadan Wishes

Happy Ramadan Wishes 2018

Welcome Ramadan
Walk Humbly
Talk with courtesy
Dress smartly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously
May ALLAH bless & defend you! Happy Ramadan Wishes

As the Auspicious Month of Ramadan Starts,
May the Crescent-Shaped Moon Brighten,
Ur Path 2ward Enlightenment and May Allah Bless U with Peace and Grace.
Wishing You a Peaceful and Blessed Ramadan Mubarak.
Ya ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many
But Your Mercy Is Limitless
Plz Forgive Us
You Are The Greatest Forgiver
You Love To Forgive
Plz Forgive me,
my Parents,
my Family
And The Whole Muslim Ummah Past & Present

Ameen – SumAmeen

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As the mountain high,
U move without sigh;
just like the white linen aptitude,
Purity is constantly an affair;
As sunshine creates morning glory,
fragrance fills years as flory;
with the stainless everlasting smile,
attached to u mile after mile;
All darkness is a ways away,
As light is on its manner

Allah’s Apostle used to
exercise an Itakaf in
the closing ten days of
the holy month of Ramadan,
May Allah gets rid of all the hurdles
and make it clean to comply with our prophet.

Ramadan 2018 Best Wishes

This Ramadan needs messages encompass inspirational and heartwarming needs for a prosperous birthday party of the divine event. Feel free to proportion those glad Ramadan messages to your friends and loved ones accessible. You may test out our Ramadan Kareem needs in a different phase of this page.

 On the month of Ramadan,
I’m wishing you 4 weeks of benefits,
30 days of clemency,
and 720 hours of enlightenment.
Happy Ramadan!
 As the auspicious month of Ramadan begins,
may the crescent-fashioned moon brighten
your route towards enlightenment and
may additionally Allah bless you with peace and grace.
Wishing you a Happy Ramadan!
 As you fast and offers prayers to Allah,
might also you locate your peace and happiness?
Have a peaceful and glad Ramadan!
 Ramadan Mubarak to all. Let’s have a good time at another time,
our prayers could be replied.
May Allah allow us to reap the culmination of our tough paintings.
 With the beginning of Ramadan,
can also your house be packed with the ecosystem of affection and mirth?
May your life be as extraordinary as you are at some stage in the year.
Ramadan Mubarak!
 May this Ramzan deliver
infinite moments of
joy and happiness
for your existence.
Ramzan Mubarak.
 May the crescent moon
be your guiding light,
and its electricity,
fill your life with,
peace and grace.
Ramzan Mubarak.

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